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Not just a blessing, modality, or spiritual healing. It's a permanent awakening. 


Medication Management, Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Marriage Counseling, Couple Therapy, Group Therapy, Relationship Problem, Stress Management, Fitness for Duty, Personal Growth Consultation


Psychic Reading
Intuitive Reading
Aura Reading
RATE:  $2 per minutes
minimum start $40/20 minutes   

Massage energy healing

Chakra Balancing
Aura Clearing
Medical Intuitive Holistic Health Energy Field Scan

$75/30 minutes  
$115/45 minutes   
$150/60 minutes

Battling illness and disease with medicine and surgery isn't enough.

We are unique medical intuition skill reveals the blocks to your health and happiness that reside in your energy field. These blocks precede and underlie illness. Pain and illness are the body's way of signaling the existence of these blocks. Knowing where and what they are can empower you to make the changes that result in their permanent elimination and healing.

The combination of an Energy Field Health Scan and Intuitive Channeling will produce enlightening guidance to alternative, holistic solutions that will permanently clear energy that is stuck. When unrestricted, the energy (life force) can resume its free flow and return to its natural work, the promotion of healing and the creation of health and happiness in your life. Clearing an energy restriction will reduce fatigue and allow you to magnetize more positive people, events, and abundance into your life. It is recommended that a health scan be done once every year to become aware of the new accumulation of negative energy that sits on the energy field and blocks the flow.

Channa, Specializing in for inner meditation coach, energy work and spiritual medium. Channa's gift came naturally in a progression. In the process, Channa is a medical intuitive created energtic higher Universal consciouness,
energy, movement and She can able to translate information from a number of sources; your Soul, Angels, Guides, Nature and your Higher Self. This enables you to understand constructively your Lifepath and Purpose; the past, present and future; relationships with others and your own true place in this world.

This Energy session starts a cleansing process to address any imbalances that can influence the body, mind and emotions. The session brings in high-frequency healing energies, which are more powerful and effective, through a three-step process that begins with an Aura Clearing, followed by the Energy Healing Attunement, and concludes with a hands-on Reiki Treatment or Universal energy healing. It can leave you feeling refreshed and clear, often with a sense that something has shifted in some way. We recommend loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for this session.

Medium Psychic

$80/20 minutes   
$120/30 minutes  
$180/45 minutes   
$240/60 minutes

Following on from my article in which I talked about how psychic readers can use different psychic skills along with various divination tools to give a psychic reading, I wanted to say a bit more about how you choose what kind of psychic reading is best for you.

There are so many ways that you can have a psychic reading these days.  Some people prefer to have a psychic reading face to face whilst others like the convenience of having a psychic reading over the telephone.

Before you have a psychic reading, it really is worth putting some thought into what you want to get out of it.  No matter what psychic skills or divination tools a psychic reader uses, an exceptional psychic reader should be able to provide insight into what is going on for you right now and along with that help you connect with your own power to make your own decisions.

But what if you are looking to make a connection with loved ones who have crossed over?

Someone who wants to connect with those who have crossed over is called a medium.  Mediums tend to work in different ways.  Some mediums see their role purely as providing evidence of the continuation of life and comfort for the person having the psychic reading.  They work to  bring through loved ones and talk about them in ways that means the person having the reading can verify that they have made a connection with the person who has crossed over.  Mediums may talk about special objects, past times or preferences that the person having the reading recognizes.  In such sittings, the information passed by the medium often doesn’t go beyond saying anything that may confirm that a connection has been made and perhaps adding a message of love and support.

Other mediums make connections with those who have crossed over, but along with providing confirmation of the continuation of existence, those who have crossed over whom they connect with might offer specific insights into what is going on for the sitter through the medium.  Sometimes it might be quite jokey – a medium might tell you that the loved one is saying that they don’t like a new haircut – but it can also be very deep and profound.  In these situations, it is possible that a person having a psychic reading might be able to verify the information given about the situation they are in even if they can’t identify the person giving it.

How can this be?  A medium may be connecting with their own spirit guides, or the spirit guides of the person having the reading.  Spirit guides can be those who have crossed over, although they can also be souls we’ve never actually met in this incarnation.

Any reputable medium will tell you that it’s just not possible to guarantee a connection with a specific person.

All in all, that means that if you are having a psychic reading because you specifically want to connect with someone who has crossed over, it is important to look out for a psychic reader who says that they also work as a medium or someone who is purely a medium.  But it’s also important to recognize that it might not be possible for the medium to make a connection.

If this is something that is important to you,  Mediums taking the platform, as it’s called, may tune in to the person you would like the connection with.  Nothing is guaranteed, but this is a very respected route that many of my readers and also internationally famous mediums have taken as they develop the psychic skills that they use in psychic readings.






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