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Bay Thai NO #1 Review 242 customers 4.4 from 5 Average Star Rating  from 2015-2018. Our services Deal on Groupon.  If you’re looking for a professional therapist, yoga/stretch for couple or retreat, you’ve come to the right place. In a continuous effort to enhance your overall wellness,  therapists at Bay Thai Massage are committed to relieving stress, decreasing pain, and increasing flexibility.

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Our massage therapists treat clients by using touch to manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. With their touch, therapists relieve pain, help heal injuries, improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of clients.

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                             September 9, 2018

Great experience. Relaxing and thorough massage. We had a great time.

                             August 7, 2018

We have gotten couples massages at Bay Thai over 7 times in the last 3 years. The first 4 or 5 times have been wonderful. However, we've noticed a shift in their quality and service. The head rest fell off one bed and the room was warm on one of the last occasions. One masseuse was terrible at her technique and primarily massaged my legs and arms and scratched my head

CHCindy H. ·
                           August 8, 2018

Very nice experience. The room is nice and clean and the lady was very friendly.

FFery ·
                        July 28, 2018

We enjoyed the massage, but the place, room, blankets were not as new & clean as we expected, we didn’t feel the quiet relaxing mood that we usually get in a massage room.

CLChristina L. ·
                      July 27, 2018

I loved my massage! It was perfection

Relax and enjoy


Mon-Sun 10am-8pm


Great Location

1100 S Coast HWY, #216, Laguna Beach CA 92651 (second floor with free2 hour parking) above Heidelberg Café, same building with Oak Restaurant and Gina Pizza, Project Juice and San Shi Go Restaurant, Across of Sapphire Restaurant

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BAY THAI NO #1 Review 242 customers

4.4 from 5 Average Star Rating
Thai massage is beneficial for both giver and receiver, providing a relaxing yoga-like experience and utilizing leverage over muscular work. This makes it easy on the hands, and therapeutic for both parties. It is warm and interactive, normally done on a floor mat but very applicable to table work. The stretching, palming, and thumb pressing characteristic of thai massage leaves clients feeling amazed for a long time afterwards.

The thai work Nuad is usually translated into English as "massage." Bo-rarn is translated as "ancient". So, Nuad Bo-Rarn means "ancient massage", or "ancient healing way". However, thai massage is very different from the type of tissue manipulation which is usually associated with massage in the context of western practice. 

Nuad bo-rarn is a key component of Traditional Thai Medicine, a holistic approach to healing the the body, heart-mind, and spirit. 
The stretching movements in nuad bo-rarn affect the entire body by increasing flexibility, releasing both deep and superficial tension, and helping the body's natural energy to flow more freely. The effect of these stretching movements, in which the client plays only a passive role, is similar to yoga. This is sometimes referred to as passive yoga. The result is an opening of the body which leaves one feeling both relaxed and energized at the same time.

Historical Development
The true origins of traditional thai massage are somewhat buried in the past. It is usually attributed to being over 2500 years old, starting at the time of the Buddha in India. Tradition tells us that it was given to the world by a physician in India who was a contemporary of the Buddha. His name is Shivago Komarpaj (or Jivaka Buccha Komar), and throughout southeast Asia he is considered to be the father of medicine. He is lovingly and respectfully referred to as the "Father Doctor". Ancient texts, written in the Pali language and mentioning Shivago Komarpaj, were considered sacred and were kept with other Buddhist texts. It has been thought that certain monks (or reusis) were the practitioners of this medicine, and the temples were its home.